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March New Job Patch

New Job -- Gunner


Introducing Starlight Legend newly releases job -- the Gunners! Gunner is a dual wield gun ranged character with very high magic damage, accuracy and a sufficient amount of health. Gunner also equip with unique skills that can ignore an opponent defense and buff skill which will increase self HP recovery and Hit rate.

*Currently, Transfer Certificate cannot be used to change from other jobs to gunner.


New Pet -- Emperor Penguin


Flame Beast will no longer be the most powerful pet in Starlight Legend -- A new challenger emerge! Emperor Penguin will be released into the new patch, with a similar stat as the flame beast, emperor penguin is a PATK & MATK Balanced S rank Pet. Level up the pet to Emperor penguin the 3rd and see it unleash it true potential



New Astrology System


Remember the 3 star icons in your astrology slots? Inner Astrology slot can now be unlocked respectively in level 55, 65 and 75. Only Star Orbs can be equipped into the inner star slots, Star orbs can be level up and reaches the max level of level 10.  


Once a star orb is equipped to the character, star orb surround the character and will be visible to other players



New Fashions


New couple fashions have all been packaged into fashion sets





New Event - April Fools' Event


Complete the special event quest and receive the April Fools' event pack

Event time: 1st Apr 2017 to 5th April 2017 23:59:00hrs (GMT+8)

Level Required: Level 30 and above



Bug Fix:

·         Minor UI fix

·         Guild UI wording fix

·         Guild buff wording fix

·         War of dawn pairing fix

·         War of dawn bug fix

·         Forgotten land bug fix

·         Whack an egg bug fix

·         Hasse Temple bug fix

·         Arena 1st battle bug fix

·         World Boss wording fix

·         Others minor bug fix